Gathering Cuban photographers all over the world

Cuban Lenses United (CLU) came as an idea of Cuban photojournalist Reynaldo Cruz, who thought of gathering all photographers from Cuba who were living in other countries (something similar to Magnum Photos, created by four photographers: Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger, and David “Chim” Seymour in 1947). The site intends to be a publication platform for photographers to share their creativity, opinions and stories.

Upon his migration to the United States in 2022, he contacted long-time friends Odette Fernández and Yosel Vázquez. He also welcomed good friends Yudith Vargas and Alain Gutiérrez into the team. All five of them are Cuban, all five of them live in the United States, and all five of them with fluent English language skills and outstanding photographic skills (although all of them specialize in a different genre).

Before launching the site, photographers Simonne García (based in Bulgaria) and Ernesto Herrera (based in Oregon) also became part of the group. Other photographers, Cuban and from other countries, also expressed interest in contributing.

The main idea was to create a database with a small bio and all social media and site links for each Cuban photographer who lives outside of Cuba and wants to be a part of it. Many of these photographers run their businesses or are looking for either gigs or jobs as photojournalists or photography professors, so their promotion as professionals was also part of what CLU intended to bring to the table.

As part of our publishing strategy, all foreign photographers with experience in Cuba would be welcome to share their views, photos, opinions, struggles, challenges, and anecdotes. Thus we could create a community to foster shared passions and bring compelling images to the site.

All photographs in CLU are the copyright property of their respective authors, whether watermarked or not.

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