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The Minimalistic Magic of Ecuador: A Cuban’s perspective

CLU member Juan Valentin Freeman brings the charm and beauty of Guayaquil’s minimalistic views
Photo by Juan Valentín Freeman


Ever since I can remember I’ve always been fond of architecture, design, patterns, symmetry, color and what not. Admiring such “aesthetic perfection” from acknowledged artists such as Andres Gallardo and Eskylabs always provoked me peace and excitement. So when I was starting photography as a hobby, it was the style that really pulled me in.

Guayaquil, The Pearl of the Pacific 

Even though it is a photografic style more commonly shot in big cities from North America and Europe, it was a challenge for me to start doing what I really loved. Mainly, because I settled in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador in 2014, where Spanish colonial architecture abounds, and modern architecture buildings are not so common. But little by little, I was able to “refine my eye” and finally learned “how to see”, terms I always use when talking about being able to see the world with a photographic eye.

It’s all about perseverance 

Finally, I was able to find the right spots and began to take my first photos. Some of them weren’t very good at the beginning since I was struggling with composition at times. But one thing that helped me a lot was attending Fotoclub de Guayaquil, a group of local professional and amateur photographers, that gather regularly and do different activities such as photography criticism. Going to those events really help me to improve as a photographer in all aspects.

I want to share some of the photos that I have taken in the last five years, which is basically my career as amateur photographer. I hope you like them.


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