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Terms and Conditions

The community of Cuban Lenses United (to be referred as CLU) was formed with the goal of gathering Cuban photographers who are currently based in other countries; and foreign photographers with different views and experiences photographing in Cuba. Our intentions are to contact, network, socialize, cooperate, and promote the work of these photographers. At the same time, intend to find means to help independent photographers who are based in Cuba, most of whom struggle to find gear and service their equipment.

The idea is to create a community of photographers, like Magnum Photos, but essentially related to Cuba.

To become a member of CLU, a photographer must first subscribe to our page and register to our site. A vetting process will take place, mainly to determine that the applicants are indeed photographers and that they are either Cuban photographers living in the countries mentioned above, or foreign photographers with experience photographing in Cuba.

To be eligible for being a member of CLU, a person must:

1.1 Be a photographer born in Cuba and living abroad. 

1.2 Be a foreign photographer with experience photographing Cuba and with knowledge of Cuba’s life and society or a specific area of Cuba’s life (eg: arts, sports, politics). 

1.3 Be a Cuban photographer currently living in Cuba, but with no affiliation or promotion within the country. 

Members will promote their work and that of other photographers, engage in community forums, participate in podcasts, contests, publish photos, propose events and exhibits, etc.

The principle of CLU is to actually capture and promote the truth. That will also include being impartial at best, and non-offensive to different opinions at worst. Likewise, they will help the growth and expansion of the community and its members. That includes:

2.1 CLU members will invite other fellow photographers meeting the criteria for inclusion in the community to join the community and be a part of it. Also, they will promote the community so that more people meeting the criteria know about it and join if they feel interested.

2.2 CLU members will NOT make political or religious campaigns in our community. However, this does not mean that they are banned from making criticism or stating their opinion, or that they are not allowed to post photos they have taken during religious or political events. Yet, when doing so, they should not be offensive or intolerant, or try to impose their criteria. 

2.3 At the same time, CLU members will respect the opinions of their fellow members, regarding philosophy, religion, or politics, as long as those opinions are not attempted to be imposed or are not offensive.

2.4 CLU members will support all their counterparts, and will promote their work, without considering that they may not share the same philosophical, religious, political, or artistic views. 

2.5 CLU members will be open to help their counterparts improve their work, teach them hacks and strategies, exchange knowledge, and give suggestions about equipment. 

2.6 CLU members will share information about contests, job openings, courses, and any other growth opportunities with some or all members of the community. At the same time, they will refer to some or all members of the community when talking to people looking for photographers (depending on the type of photography in question) in their area. 

2.7 CLU members will protect the Copyright of other photographers within the community and outside of it. 

2.8 CLU members will make at least one (1) social media post a week on Instagram (for those who have accounts in that social media) and add the Cuban Lenses United account not as a tag, but as a collaborator to the post. That will enable their post to be placed on the CLU account and will help promote their work within the community and its followers. 

Our community is committed to the growth of all its members, the protection of its Copyright, and the promotion of their work and/or business. That includes:

3.1 CLU will share every bit of information in its hands regarding courses, job openings, contests, marketing strategies, contract drafting, etcetera with all members of our community.

3.2 CLU will always give credit to the author of the photos and will promote their work both on the site and in our social media platform. 

3.3 CLU will work to organize its own courses and contests to help all the members of the community grow and expand. 

3.4 CLU will feature one of its members weekly, including their work, their background and some of their experiences in a spotlight, article, or interview. 

3.5 CLU will refer people interested in the work of its members to the author of the photograph in case they want to either buy digital files or prints, or in case they want to hire them for a job. 

3.6 CLU will create connections with other communities and organizations to create partnerships and collaboration. 

3.7 CLU will try to establish cooperation, coordination, and partnerships with different brands and companies to promote their products and/or services while also getting perks and privileges for the members of the community like discounts, giveaways, and deals so that they acquire equipment, are able to get repairs, or become brand ambassadors. 

3.8 CLU will try to establish connections and partnerships with galleries to exhibit the work of its members, coordinate sales of prints, and coordinate possible jobs, contributions, and/or contracts. 

Any violation of this agreement by the members will result in an evaluation by members of the board of whether the person who committed the transgression should continue to be a part of the community or if he/she/they should have his/her/their privileges revoked for a certain period of time or permanently.

Members of the board (in alphabetical order)

Reynaldo Cruz

Odette Fernández

Simonne García

Alain Gutiérrez

Gagan Pabla

Yudith Vargas

Yosel Vázquez

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