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EXPO: Soñando Habana (Dreaming Havana)

Nine photographers display their Havana work in an exhibit

A year ago a group of photographer friends made a trip from which it is impossible for us to detach our memories. We met and lived a place that has left an indelible mark in our hearts and perhaps forever changed the way we look and feel through our cameras.

We are nine photographers, who in “Soñando Habana” (Dreaming Havana) have joined our different views, to invite you to join us on an exciting journey through what is quite possibly the most intense, evocative, timeless, nostalgic, charming, majestic, seductive and persevering city in Cuba.

We invite you to join us on this photographic journey through Havana, in which we wanted to document with our proposals its deteriorated and at the same time imposing buildings and streets of Old Havana, the pride and joy of its people, the unique sunsets of the Malecón, the ebullition of life rooted in the abandonment, the dream and the struggle of many converted into a way of subsistence. Nine photographers and nine emotions and ways of telling them through photography.

“Soñando Habana” is an exhibition of nine different visions and emotions of the same place and time. The selection of each author is represented in three photographs that articulate and coin a different story from the own vision, aesthetics or memory of each photographer.

In addition to this exhibition, we have published our photographs in the book “Soñando Habana”, which allows us to share in a direct way this unforgettable experience, with a greater number of images taken during our trip and an expansion of the texts of the hall and presentation of the authors, turning this temporary exhibition into something lasting in time.

Special thanks to master photographers Raúl Cañibano and Paco Morillo who accompanied and guided us on this immersive journey into the heart of the city and the people of Havana.

During the development of the exhibition, we conducted guided tours every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. The visiting public greatly appreciated the dialogue, not only with the images, but also with their authors.

Almudena Cascajero Díaz: @aaartemisa
Angel Fernández Ballesteros: @doctorangel_1
Isabel Garrido Torres: @isabelgarridotorres
Luis Gonzalo Álvarez Rodríguez: @lugar1949
María Paz Esteban Cano: @marypazmas
Francisco Cecilia García: @abuelohara
José Mova Triviño: @pepemotri
Raquel Carbonero de la Llave: @raqcarbonero
Mara Denche: @maradenche.raw


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