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Havana’s Glamorous Decay (+Video)

Some of Havana’s decay tends to become beauty when photographed.
A hairdresser salon. (Photo by Marjorie Gurd)

I have actively been pursuing photography for the last 14 years. I first went to Cuba in 2016. I have been there four times, and had to stop because of the pandemic. Hopefully I’ll get back there this year.

Tthe beauty underlying the decay is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I didn’t find any particular challenge. It’s safe and easy – the people are very friendly and like to be photographed.

I met a zapatera, Miriam, my second time in Central Havana. She was sitting on the sidewalk and had a pile of shoes around her to repair. She was a graduate of the school of design but preferred fixing shoes. We started to talk and became friends. I go to see her when I’m there and bring her shoe polish. She was having a birthday party for a family member and invited me. I think of her and hope she is well after the pandemic as I do with others I’ve met.


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