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Return to Turieno: A Cuban’s Perspective

A personal project took CLU member Daylene Rodriguez to her roots in Spain
Photo by Daylene Rodríguez Moreno

All civilizations have had the need to search and learn about their past, to inquire into the lives of those who preceded us to better understand our present and understand who we are. Motivated by the need to search for my origins in order to find myself, I made an investigation to reach the house where my great-great-grandmother Vicenta, who emigrated to Cuba in 1910, was born.

I undertook a trip to Spain last June 2022, once I found the house, abandoned and in ruins, I took photographs in Black and White, dialoguing with this empty space full of objects that speak of a Space/Time relationship. Two representations, in the same space, in the same instant, where I could recreate the sensations I experienced during my reunion.

The black and white allows me to give my images the desired dramatism, at the same time I am interested in introducing the viewer in the scenarios where my story takes place, creating the atmospheres that I pursue, it also makes the work to be located in a past time, and my work speaks of that, of a past but undetermined time, an unfinished journey, my inner journey.


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